April 23, 2018

Baltimore, MD – Exterior improvement plans for The Can Company in Baltimore, Md.’s Canton neighborhood were revealed today by the property owner, MCB Real Estate, and its leasing partner, KLNB. As part of MCB’s vision to reposition The Can Company as a community asset, the 205,865-square-foot landmark will undergo a number of exterior changes this spring including a park area with floating and fixed seating for visitors to congregate; a new color concept to add dimension and aesthetic value to the property; updated wayfinding signage, a new monument sign, and reimagined site and building signage; lighting upgrades; and enhanced landscaping to increase shade and comfort during peak sun hours. MCB and KLNB say that all retailers and offices will be open while improvements are made.

“When our venture with Angelo, Gordon & Co. and JMC Holdings acquired The Can Company last year, we saw immense opportunity to reimagine the open-air retail experience and enhance the exterior aesthetic,” said P. David Bramble, managing partner of MCB Real Estate. “From the outset, we knew we wanted to create a stronger sense of place and make it a more welcoming destination for the community to work, eat, drink, shop, relax and socialize.”

Bramble continued, “Our primary goal with this revitalization is to add value to the Canton community by bringing its residents green space, comfort and access to high quality retailers. The Can Company has evolved quite a bit over the years – this is the next major step in the property’s evolution and we are excited to say that there are several more iterations to come in the future.”

MCB retained ASD | SKY, a multi-disciplinary design firm, to handle the revitalization plans for The Can Company.

Robert J. Pruitt, vice president and principal of ASD | SKY said, “Our design solution for The Can Company celebrates the buildings’ existing architectural features, while providing an enhanced, modern user experience and a fresh look. Through the thoughtful placement of new site and building signage, enhancements with paint and overall outdoor activation and community engagement, The Can Company will provide Baltimore with a revived nexus of activity and is positioned to inspire future projects throughout the region and country.”

Built in 1901 and located at 2400 Boston Street, The Can Company has been a notable landmark in Baltimore City for over a century. Today the development spans across three buildings and is inclusive of both office and retail space. Currently 94.4% leased, there are seven retail spaces available totaling 19,546 SF. The largest space available is the former Langermann’s Restaurant (7,000 SF, including a 2,000 SF mezzanine level). The balance of the shop space ranges from nearly 900 SF to 3,300 SF.

Ryan Wilner, Brian Finkelstein and Matt Copeland of KLNB are handling retail leasing opportunities on behalf of MCB Real Estate.

Wilner commented, “Since it was renovated and revitalized in the 1990s, The Can Company has always been a great location with excellent visibility, an open-air concept, high walkability, proximity to the waterfront, a rich history and high traffic volume. With the upgrades MCB is making, the property will gain a new energy to attract businesses whose location strategies emphasize mixed use, high volume and urban affluence. It will be a great location for a mix of new restaurants and some quality community and services users – such as a bike shop, real estate offices and beauty services.”

The area surrounding The Can Company is densely populated with a high income community and growing residential population. The Can Company also boasts a built-in daytime population Oath, Inc., a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, (formerly known as AOL) and DAP currently anchor the office space within the property at counts of approximately 400 daytime office employees.

For leasing opportunities, contact:

Ryan Wilner (443-632-2058 or rwilner@klnb.com)

Brian Finkelstein (443-632-2076 or bfinkelstein@klnb.com)

Matt Copeland (443-632-2051 or mcopeland@klnb.com)