Posted on: August 18, 2022

Harborplace is starting a new era with a new developer, P. David Bramble of MCB Real Estate.

Mayor Brandon Scott announced in his State of the City address Tuesday that Bramble has reached an agreement to bring the two mostly-vacant shopping pavilions out of receivership and make them a vital part of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor waterfront again.

The announcement puts an end to years of hand wringing and speculation about what will happen to the “festival marketplace” that helped kick off the city’s vaunted Renaissance in 1980 but later fell into disuse and disrepair under own-of-town owners and is anything but festive.

“When I was growing up, Harborplace was a destination – a place that Baltimoreans and people from out of town were excited to visit,” Scott said in his address. “But it has been on a steady decline for years now – no longer living up to its reputation or its promise. Since taking office last December, I have been constantly asked about what the future will hold for this once destination-location. But today, all of that changes,” he said. “Today, West Baltimore’s very own, David Bramble, announced that he has the rights to bring private investment for a revitalized Harborplace. Today, we start a new chapter for Harborplace – bringing Baltimore vision, Baltimore community investment, and Baltimore style to transform Harborplace into a landmark destination where residents can go to enjoy the best that we have to offer – thriving small businesses, green spaces, and cultural venues.”

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