Posted on: June 14, 2024

MCB’s work is not just about buildings and investments. It’s about people, communities, and the opportunities we create. Much like the underutilized or overlooked properties that we invest in, we’re also committed to reinvigorating communities that may have suffered from neglect or inattention. One example is when a team of over 100 MCB employees volunteered to clean up and beautify Solo Gibbs Park in South Baltimore’s Sharp-Leadenhall Neighborhood.

Built in 1979 when I-395 was constructed, the park commemorates Solomon “Solo” Gibbs, a remarkable Charm City figure who dedicated his life to supporting local kids. Much like Mr. Gibbs’ commitment to disadvantaged youth, MCB has pledged to support the communities around us. Work like this accomplishes several important things: It highlights the importance of relationships and how our connection to this park emerged from a relationship built with a community leader. When we prioritize relationships, we gain critical insights: we listen differently, seek ways to help, and align ourselves with activities and opportunities that resonate with MCB’s core purpose.

When it comes to hard work, nobody can deliver like the MCB team.


This commitment to community, people, and neighborhoods strengthens our collective mission and fosters meaningful engagement. It also aligns with the core values that fortify our culture, boost teamwork, and elevate our overall performance. This unified approach benefits MCB by aligning our goals and fostering a deep understanding and commitment to our tenets, leading to higher job satisfaction, pride, and a stronger sense of purpose in everyday work. Thanks to our team for volunteering their time and transforming a space, underscoring the importance of revitalizing spaces and strengthening neighborhoods.

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